We are Matt and Jacob. We like to drink and play video games and we decided to make a channel out of it. We can play basically anything that supports HDMI, but we have played classics like Mario Kart and Conker’s Bad Fur day on Nintendo Switch and xBox One, respectively. See a full list of the games we’ve played, here.

New videos release regularly at 18:00 on Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Occasionally we post videos on our off days. Sometimes videos are uploaded daily until a series is complete. Check out our full schedule here.

We like vodka-based mixed drinks, but we’re down to try whatever you throw at us. Matt attempted to make a Long Island in this video. It did not work out, but we’d love to try again. Suggest a new drink or game for us to try. Send those ideas to Contact@FuglyDucklings.com You can also reach us on Facebook, Twitter, and SnapChat. We love to hear from you!